Fundamental vs. Technical analysis

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There is nothing more dangerous than putting a large chunk of money you need into something you do not understand. A perfect, more recent example of this is the GameStop frenzy where many people bought into it at peak reddit mania when it was above $400, since then it has not really come anywhere near that again and lots of regular people were left holding the bag.

How to Architect Well-Designed Systems within the cloud

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Cloud computing is the new oil.

Not what you think..

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Humans are weird.

Almost every brain region responds to music.

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I came to realize recently that tasks I normally associate with music, suddenly become a lot harder to do without music. Working or exercising (especially exercising) become significantly more boring, challenging, or otherwise less productive without music.

Just write.

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There are a lot of stories about how to write, what not to do if you want to be a better writer, etc.

This habit saved my life.

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I talk a lot about building efficient and positive habits and routines.

Reframe the question.

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I was reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss today, and came across this nugget from Peter Thiel.

Big or small…

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What are you doing to keep yourself occupied these days?

Yes? Good.

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In the universe, the only guaranteed certainty is change.

You can only choose one.

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Think about when you go out for a run.

Derek Hutson

Endurance athlete, Engineer, Life-long learner. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being consistent.

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