Fundamental vs. Technical analysis

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There is nothing more dangerous than putting a large chunk of money you need into something you do not understand. A perfect, more recent example of this is the GameStop frenzy where many people bought into it at peak reddit mania when it was above $400, since then it has not really come anywhere near that again and lots of regular people were left holding the bag.

If you looked at just reddit you would see that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to get rich quick and squeeze the suits out of their money. However, if you…

How to Architect Well-Designed Systems within the cloud

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Cloud computing is the new oil.

You would be hard pressed to change my mind about that, as there is such immense value to cloud computing on many different levels.

In fact, with the new digital age being brought about because of COVID, cloud computing is becoming even more widely used than it already was. .

If you aren’t sure exactly what cloud computing is, or how it works, here is a brief overview of what it is and why it is important:

The picture above is a…

Not what you think..

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Humans are weird.

We try so hard to understand each other, yet most people don’t even understand their own nature.

There are generally recommended guidelines for survival and optimizing your health and your life. In very general terms, eating healthy and exercising regularly are known staples of most long-living individuals. However many other things are more ambiguous. Certain things work well for others, with particular genetics, in specific situations, you could continue drilling down to different scenarios for as long as you want.

However, two things have been closely tied to human longevity across all situations and people. …

Almost every brain region responds to music.

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I came to realize recently that tasks I normally associate with music, suddenly become a lot harder to do without music. Working or exercising (especially exercising) become significantly more boring, challenging, or otherwise less productive without music.

So I did some googling and came across Kiminobu Sugaya, a neuroscientist at UCF, and article summarizing how your brain is affected by the music that you enjoy. If you really want to go down a rabbit hole, is Sugaya’s list of recent publications.

Here are a few helpful skills that music can not only help you improve, but also utilize…

Just write.

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There are a lot of stories about how to write, what not to do if you want to be a better writer, etc.

While that is fine, it usually just stems from a person’s experience who has some experience or success writing. So that doesn’t always apply to you and where you are at.

To be clear, this story is not one. The objective of this story is to encourage you to go and actually write stuff.

Many people, myself included, have spent time doing research on what makes certain stories or authors pop. But research doesn’t put words on…

This habit saved my life.

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I talk a lot about building efficient and positive habits and routines.

Getting up early is the best habit I have built into my life, by far. Without it I would not be nearly as productive, happy, or fit (I do 90% of my exercising shortly after getting up).

I am sure a lot of you can’t relate to this yet, however that doesn’t mean it is not for you.

Like I mentioned, it took me 13 years to be able to wake up at 5 a.m. Over those years a lot of times I would do it for a…

Reframe the question.

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I was reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss today, and came across this nugget from Peter Thiel.

It seems very applicable right now because there are so many people looking for jobs, streaming interviews, and I believe this is a great way to allow potential employers to clearly understand the level of talent you have.

A lack of proper communication can derail a conversation, and mislead someone into forming assumptions that are unfortunately not true about you.

So how can you better communicate your intentions? By reframing the question.

Peter Thiel has a great habit of reframing any question…

Big or small…

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What are you doing to keep yourself occupied these days?

Especially, if you maybe find yourself out of work or with extra responsibilities stemming from others (family members? employees?).

There is a lot of worry, stress, and anxiety in the world right now. Unfortunately, the root of it all is coming from something most of us can’t directly control. Worry about the virus all you want, but that won’t make it go away unless you are a scientist or medical professional actually working on a cure.

The human mind enjoys routine, because that is comfortable and it has a historic…

Yes? Good.

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In the universe, the only guaranteed certainty is change.

Momentum is taking objects from one place, one state to another any given second. Sometimes as humans we forget that we are just an insanely small part of the universe, and we think we are immune to what is going on around us.

So, when things change there is really only one way to keep moving in a positive direction, and that is to do something different.

If you choose to do the same things over and over again out of laziness, fear, ignorance, or any other excuse, eventually you are…

You can only choose one.

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Think about when you go out for a run.

If you can pace the entire time without stopping, everything feels great and you are on cloud nine after it is over.

But if you go on a run that has quite a bit of climbing, how does it feel when you have to stop for a second/minute? Usually at first it seems nice, get a quick recharge so you can get after it again, but isn’t it much easier to stop again later?

Before you know it, its getting dark out and you are wondering why you came out to…

Derek Hutson

Endurance athlete, Engineer, Life-long learner. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being consistent.

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