A Billionaire’s Strategy for Getting the Right Answer

Photo by Evan Dennis on Unsplash

I was reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss today, and came across this nugget from Peter Thiel.

It seems very applicable right now because there are so many people looking for jobs, streaming interviews, and I believe this is a great way to allow potential employers to clearly understand the level of talent you have.

A lack of proper communication can derail a conversation, and mislead someone into forming assumptions that are unfortunately not true about you.

So how can you better communicate your intentions? By reframing the question.

Peter Thiel has a great habit of reframing any question he is asked, to ensure that it is the right question. If you provide an answer to the wrong question, you start leading a conversation down the wrong path.

However this is not to say that there has to be a right answer as well. In fact, many questions and problems have various answers and solutions. The point is to gain more understanding into what you are actually being asked.

Understand questions more clearly, and you can give more concise answers. When you answer an interviewer’s question without leaving any ambiguity or room for misinterpretation, you come off as a more composed, intellectual candidate.

Unfortunately in today’s current situation, there will be many candidates interviewing for jobs that potentially can’t be filled yet. Make yourself stand out by seeking understanding and wisdom.

Take care, be grateful, have fun!



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Derek Hutson

Derek Hutson

Endurance athlete, Engineer, Life-long learner. I want to help you get a (better) job in tech. https://www.linkedin.com/in/derekhutson/